Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Liam's Story

On March 22nd, 2012 we got the phone call we have been anxiously waiting for. We were teaching a class in Torrington, Wyoming when Max saw he had a message from our adoption agency. We learned that there was a birth mom who wanted to meet us. She had already given birth to a beautiful baby boy on March 16th. She wanted to meet us on Tuesday March 27th. The days from Thursday to Tuesday seemed to drag by. 
On Tuesday March 27th, we met the most amazing and selfless woman. She decided while we were meeting with her at the agency that she wanted us to be the parents of her baby. What an incredible and amazing gift. And the joy she had on her face when told us this with stay with me forever. We found out that we would get to bring our baby boy home on Thursday March 29th. So we had one day to get ourselves ready and come up with a name for our little man. We also got to see pictures of him for the first time on Tuesday after we had officially been picked.We will never forget seeing his face for the first time in those photos. 
Finally it was Thursday morning. Time to bring our boy home. We had chosen the name Liam Wayne Masters. We got to the agency to fill out our paperwork while his birth mom spent a little time with him. She had asked if we would be willing to do a placement ceremony and it was truly amazing. She brought Liam in and gave him to us. It was so emotional and beautiful. Our social worker read scripture and then I got to read scripture. Then we prayed for all of us and our sweet baby boy. Both Liam's birth mom and us got a braid made up of 3 colors. One color representing us, one representing his birth mom, and one representing God. It was a very special time and something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. 
It absolutely astonishes my mind to think of how many people have prayed for and loved on our little man for so many years before he even existed to us. For 8 years I prayed for my future baby and asked God to give me peace in knowing that when His plans came together it would be more amazing and wonderful than anything I could have ever imagined. Every second of the wait was more than worth it, to have Liam here in my arms today. God had Liam picked for us before the foundations of the Earth were made. How incredible is that? 
So here he is. God's amazing gift to us:
Liam Wayne Masters
Born on March 16th, 2012. 
8lbs 13oz and 21.25inches
Joined our Family on March 29th, 2012. 

Holding my precious miracle for the first time. 

Daddy and his son. 

Liam Wayne

Home for the first time.

We can't believe he is really here!

Smiles for mommy!

Happy Daddy.

Snuggles for mommy.

Thanks to everyone of you for all of your prayers over the years. We have felt all of them and they have meant so much to us. We are soaking up every minute with our new boy and feeling so blessed to have been trusted by God and Liam's birth mom to be his Mom and Dad. Please continue to pray for his birth mom and for her peace and healing. And continue to pray for us as we continue with finalizing his adoption.


  1. It's a beautiful story and a testimony to God's faithfulness. Thank you for sharing the details of how Liam joined your family. I'm excited to continue to watch him grow and see all the adventures you'll have as a family.

  2. Very happy for you and your new family! COngratulations!