Thursday, March 12, 2015

My loves

There are no words for how much I love these two...
They are my goofballs...

These are my favorite moments. 

The Warm Up

On Friday it started to warm up. We spent every minute outside. 

He was the happiest 2 year old around.

Pancakes Please

If Liam had his way, we would have pancakes or waffles every single day. Last week when daddy got home from the gym, Liam sweet talked him into going out for breakfast. 
Liam is sort of spoiled when we eat at The Home Place, here in our hometown. 
And I am always happy for a date with both of my favorite boys. 

Goodbye Winter

Last week we looked at the forecast and noticed we had one more snow day before a big warm up was coming. We were more than over winter, but we decided to just embrace the snow and enjoy it. 

Liam had a blast shoveling and dumping the snow on himself. Winter was really very easy on us this year. But we were still more than ready for warmth and sunshine! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Church Night

Our nephew joined us for church on Wednesday night a couple weeks ago. Liam was beyond excited. 
We grabbed some dinner. We finally got them calm enough to eat. After they had to trade food.
Liam was so excited to show Gabe my classroom before clubs started. I thought Gabe might be shy, but he joined right into the singing at music. And Liam's teacher said he had a blast in class. We love when Gabe joins us for any occasion. Liam just loves having his best friend and cousin with him!


No dogs on the couch? Just like his big sis, he is sure this must not apply to him. 
Good thing he is cute...

Miss Presley

A couple weekends ago, my brothers water heater broke. Major bummer. But I got to spend the day watching my niece while he dealt with the problem. And that was fabulous.
This girl. Have you ever seen such a doll?
She is simply the sweetest thing. 
I just couldn't love her more. 
I had to introduce her to one of the best movies ever. As an Aunt, this was on my "must list" for when I had a niece. I may have watched most of it while she napped...but I will make sure she knows all about these movies as she gets older.
Liam came to play later in the day and they had a blast. 
We are so excited for Presley to be a big sister this fall! The Dominiacks just make the cutest and sweetest babes around!  

My Helper

Thankful for my little helper. He helps set the table, switch laundry, put his clothes away, vacuum, and LOVES the swiffer sweeper.
He also loves to spend the rest of his time destroying the house and making lots new messes to clean up. 

Zoo Day

On February 20th, Daddy had a meeting in Sioux Falls. So he dropped Liam and I off at the zoo. It was finally above freezing, plus the zoo has a traveling exhibit of dinosaurs and we hadn't checked them out yet. 

The dinos were awesome. They moved around and made noise, which Liam loved. 

Then we went outside and RAN from animal to animal. 

He had a blast and it was great to be outside enjoying the zoo again!