Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Birthday Fun!

Singing Happy Birthday to Liam:

Liam and his cake:
(half of which got taken away because I thought he would eat the whole thing)

Happy 1st Birthday!!

On Saturday March 16th, 
our little Liam turned 1! 
We celebrated with family at our house. We had an ocean themed party. 
I am so thankful my parents came down Friday so that I had my Mom to help with all of the food. 
Everything turned out SO cute! 
Our fish cake.
Our fish cupcakes.
I made a banner of Liam's monthly photos.

Birthday Morning!
Ready to party!
Gabe's Party Favor

Getting love from Great Aunt Carol. 

Our precious little Gabe! 

His new bike!
Checking out his new Bible. 
Playing cards with Uncle D. 
Liam with Uncle D & Aunt Brittany. 
Our little family. 
The party was a blast. Liam never stopped smiling, other than a small melt down when cousin Gabe wouldn't look at him when he was in the wagon. I think it had more to do with the sugar rush he was coming off of after eating cake. :) Thank you so much to everyone who came to the party and that sent cards and gifts. It was so sweet of you to help celebrate the first year of Liam's life. 
It has been the greatest privilege imaginable to be your Mama & Daddy, Liam Wayne. You have grown and learned so much this year. I can only imagine how much you will grow and change on your way to 2! We can't wait to watch you change and grow. And we can only imagine all of the joy this next year will bring us. 
You are our greatest blessing!  
Happy first birthday little man!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

After realizing that Liam's Birthday will always be the day before St. Patrick's Day I realized we may go into a cupcake coma if we have our traditional St. Patty's cupcakes and birthday cupcakes all in the same weekend. So we decided to make them a little early this year and then share them with friends and family. 
Liam loves to help in the kitchen so he had a blast helping me stir everything up!

We even cut a cupcake in half for him to try.

He LOVED it!
And I sure love baking with my little buddy!

Here are a couple videos of us making and then enjoying the cupcakes. 
You will notice in the second movie that Liam chooses to suck on his cupcake rather than eat it at first. 
That my friends, is the sign of a delicious cuppy cake! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Liam Moment

Recently we have been trying to teach Liam to make a 1 with his finger for his 1st birthday. He hadn't shown any interest in it at all and usually would just shake his head no at us. Yesterday we were shopping at Lowes and as we were going down one of the aisles he started pointing at things. We must have looked like crazy people to anyone who saw us because we both got super excited and were clapping for him. All day long he would point at things and sure enough later that day he held up his finger for being 1. We were so proud.
Of course just when I was thinking his new pointing skill couldn't be any cuter he went and proved his mama wrong. I was drying my hair in the living room (because someone didn't take a long enough nap) and he walked over, pointed at me, laid his head on my shoulder and gave me a big hug. He did this over and over for a couple minutes. Sometimes even saying mama while he pointed at me. Heart melted.
On that note of Liam saying mama, we had another big Liam moment last Friday. He finally said mama! I was beyond excited. He says it all day long now. In less important news, that same day he took two real bites (meaning he actually got food into his mouth the right way) with his spoon. I just love watching all his little accomplishments. Being a mama is the best.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Fire Fighter

Liam got a fire hat at the Parker Fire Department Fundraiser.
He thinks it is super fun to play with. 

He did not want to keep it on his head for mama to take his picture though!

He is a stubborn little monkey.
And that is one of the many reasons we love him. 

Tubby Hair

Embracing the Snow

On February 25th the ground was covered in about 8-9 inches of lovely fluffy snow. 
Although I was more than ready for spring by that point we decided to make the most of it and get out and enjoy it. 

Liam loved the snow. Unfortunately he thought that he could run and walk through it without any trouble. This resulted in many face plants into the snow which required us to peel layers of cold snow off his face each time.  This didn't bother him, but consequently we didn't get to stay out too long. 

We are thankful for fun days in the snow. But also thankful that spring is just around the corner. Speaking of spring, you will have to look hard to find someone as excited as me about the time change this weekend. Yes, I know we lose an hour of sleep and that Liam's schedule will be off. But I will gladly deal with all that and much more if it means I get another hour of daylight. I need my sunlight people!! 
So happy March everyone!!