Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Embracing the Snow

On February 25th the ground was covered in about 8-9 inches of lovely fluffy snow. 
Although I was more than ready for spring by that point we decided to make the most of it and get out and enjoy it. 

Liam loved the snow. Unfortunately he thought that he could run and walk through it without any trouble. This resulted in many face plants into the snow which required us to peel layers of cold snow off his face each time.  This didn't bother him, but consequently we didn't get to stay out too long. 

We are thankful for fun days in the snow. But also thankful that spring is just around the corner. Speaking of spring, you will have to look hard to find someone as excited as me about the time change this weekend. Yes, I know we lose an hour of sleep and that Liam's schedule will be off. But I will gladly deal with all that and much more if it means I get another hour of daylight. I need my sunlight people!! 
So happy March everyone!!

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  1. right there with you! love when it's sunny longer!