Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little Book Worm

This boy can not get enough of books. And that makes his mama & daddy super happy. You can always find this boy with his books or asking someone to read to him. We sure hope your love of reading stays with you always little man! 

Happy 4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July in Chamberlain again this year. Liam loved seeing the fire trucks in the parade. Especially when he saw his Great Uncle Gary driving! 

Grandpa & Grandma had his pool filled up and ready to go. He never gets tired of playing in the water. 

He had his first bomb pop on the 4th of July. He dipped it in the pool and ran all around the yard enjoying it...

He even shared with Uncle Gary. 

He just adores spending time with his Uncle D. 

After Liam went to bed we went up on the roof to get an even better view of the firework show over the river. 

It was another awesome year of fireworks!

We love this country we live in and hope that Liam will grow up respecting and appreciating what all the men and women before him have done to make our country so great. Here is Liam's 1st flag that he colored this year. Proud mama moment. :) 

Sweet Summer Time

Saturday, August 3, 2013

West Coast Vacation Part 3: California

We spent the end of our vacation in Novato, CA with the Chaos and the Krugs. It was another amazing and crazy fun time. We did so much and had the best time. Liam adored his cousins Lucca and Jackson. In fact, he started to think that Lucca was his sister and wonders why he doesn't get to see her everyday. 
We got to California during a heat wave and it was HOT. Luckily we spent a lot of time swimming which Liam adores. We also got to ride the ferry, do dinner in San Francisco, see the redwoods, take Liam to the Bay Area Children's Museum, and so much more. 

Our amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the
Children's Museum. 

Jackson and Liam loved the museum!

Taking a walk after dinner in San Francisco. 

It was a gorgeous evening. 

Ready to ride the ferry back home. 

We had more gorgeous views on the ride back. 

We got to hold a piece of redwood bark.

Muir Woods was incredible. 

We soaked up every minute with family. 

These three. Love, love, love. 

Liam just adores Grammie Debbie. 

Standing in a Redwood.

Little dudes in the tree. 

We spent our last night eating some delish ice cream in Petaluma.
We sure do love everyone in this photo. 

We saw the most amazing sunset over the Great Salt Lake on our way home. 

God's Artwork. 
We had the most fabulous time in California and we can't wait to go back and see even more. Thanks for taking us all around and showing us where you live Rus & Kelsey. We miss everyone like crazy and can't wait for us all to get together again. We are so thankful to be able to travel and for Liam to get to see his family and all of these beautiful places. And an extra big thanks to our parents for taking care of our pets and our house so we could relax! Until our next adventure...

West Coast Vacation Part 2: Oregon

After our fun in Gig Harbor we headed down the coast to Netarts, Oregon where we got engaged almost 10 years ago. We had a little beach house that looked out over the bay. We were so excited to be back in one of our favorite places in the world. We soaked up the Pac NW air, ate our favorite Tillmook ice cream each night, and played in the ocean. And we relaxed. I think I forgot how fabulous it feels to truly just sit back and listen to nothing but the sound of the ocean and unwind. Pure bliss. 

Checking out the bay. 

Daddy and his mini-me. 

Liam's Shell. 

Beach Bum. 

Oh how I wish this wasn't blurry. We were all so happy.
It is still on of my favorite pictures. 

Red Wagon, Liam's favorite book made the trip with us.
Each night we would sit and read it before bed. 

Liam had his first halibut fish and chips.
He loves it just as much as his daddy. 

And the strawberry shortcake with fresh Oregon strawberries
blew his mind!
We spent some time in Depot Bay on our way down to Newport where we used to live. 

Oh how these two melt my heart...

We spent our time in Newport playing in the sand. 

Liam had so much fun having all of  Daddy's attention all day long!

We built a lot of sand castles!

The Masters 2013. 

We took Liam to see his first lighthouse. 

Liam loved the lighthouse!

We took a nature hike and Liam loved exploring the trees and plants. 

The Octopus Tree. 

One very happy family. 

Working hard. 

I adore this picture because it sums up life right now. Daddy and I more in love than ever and
loving being parents. And Liam desperately trying to get away from us and do his own thing.
He is totally Mr. Independent! 

On our way to California we decided to stop at Crater Lake for our 9 year anniversary. 

It was absolutely gorgeous once the fog cleared and we could actually see the lake. 

9 years of marriage and one beautiful little boy later...

We spent our anniversary taking in God's majesty. 

We spent the last night in Oregon in Klamath Falls. We had a chaotic dinner at an Elmer's with a boy who was a little
tired of sitting still in the car and then we went to burn some energy in the pool.
Our time in Oregon was amazing. We are already looking forward to the next time we can go back to the sea. Seeing Liam on the beach where his Daddy and I got engaged and in the town we lived in when we were first married brought tears to my eyes. The Pacific Northwest is a very special place for us and we spent many years praying about the day we could bring our littles here to enjoy the magic of the beach too. God is good. And we are counting our blessings.