Friday, January 24, 2014


A week or two ago, out of nowhere, you picked up your Good Night Gorilla book, and started pointing at every "o" you could see and saying "oooo" so excitedly! 
Since then we can't read a book without pointing out all of the o's. I never realized how many o's are on all the signs hanging around our house until you were here to point them out to me. 
You see them everywhere! And eating a bowl of Cheerios can take forever when we have to point at all those o's! 
I'm not sure why the letter O became so exciting and important to you but I love it. And I love watching you learn and grOw.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Liam got a new sled for Christmas from his cousin Gabe.
We took it up to Grandma and Grandpa's after Christmas to try it out.
Liam LOVED it. 
I think daddy was exhausted! 

Rewind: Christmas

Baking cookies. A special Christmas with cousin Gabe. Time with family and friends. Good food. And the promise of God's grace through a tiny baby born in a manger! 
Our hearts were so full. 
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too!

Baking with Grandma. 

A fun Christmas with Gabe!

Brotherly Love. 

Waking up at Grandma & Grandpa Dominiack's on Christmas morning. 

Seeing his truck for the first time. 

Daddy reading Liam the Christmas Story.
The best part of Christmas. 

Rewind: Oh Christmas Tree

You just adored everything Christmas this year. When we took you to Menards in October and couldn't get you away from the trees and sparkly lights we knew what was coming.  You would be in the middle of playing and just stop to stare at the tree all the time, every single day. You were pretty bummed out the day the tree had to be taken down. We decorated like crazy and you loved every inch of Christmas covering your house and yard.
You make Christmas so special, my sweet boy! 

Rewind: Turkey Time

You have probably noticed how it is the middle of January and the Holidays never seemed to happen on this blog. We had a lot of extra work trips over the holidays and so every minute we were home, I wanted to spend it as a family, enjoying all those special holiday things. So here I go catching up on the Masters Family holidays !
First up: Thanksgiving
We had 3 this year again. First at my parents with my Mom's side of the family and then with my Dad's side at my Grandma's house. I forgot to bring the camera to Grandma's :( 
Then it was back to our house for Thanksgiving with the Masters family. We were full and happy!