Sunday, November 17, 2013

So far

So far in November we have...

Played with lots of puzzles,

Ate a TON of cereal, 

played hard,

enjoyed the snow,

and bundling up for the cold,

went to our first "story time" at the library,

rocked out with Uncle D,

colored a castle (complete with dragons),

that Knight Liam spends a lot of time in,

started grouping all of the pumpkins and gourds when Mom isn't paying attention,

and made lots of fun drawings on the chalk board table. Life with Liam is just too much fun! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Friends

These two were born on the same day. It still blows my mind. God never fails to amaze me with his incredible plans. And I am so excited to watch these two grow up together...

And of course Miss Avery is just the icing on the cake. We couldn't love her more! 


If given a choice, this boy will choose to be outside every. single. time. 
And we LOVE it!

The Haircut

On October 16th, Liam got his first official salon haircut. I loved those curls but it was time to let the mullet go. Here are a couple "before" shots. 

He watched a cartoon while Shelli cut his hair. He did great!

And he loved the sucker he got after!

And he sure looks handsome now. 


Halloween was so much fun for Liam this year. 
Liam and Mama painted pumpkins.
Daddy carved the other one. 

We made a monster for our front door. Liam had to go point at his eyes all throughout the day. 

Liam was a scarecrow this year. My Mom helped me sew his costume. 
Simple and adorable! 

He went around town to a few different places. 

And stopped at Grandma & Grandpa's last. 

Then we went home to watch Charlie Brown and hand out candy. 

Liam thought the kids coming to the door was the best! He stood at the window and watched for them until bedtime. 

We were all exhausted from our fun day!
You make holidays SO much fun buddy! 

19 months

At 19 months old you are:

A lover of animals,

so much like Grandpa Steve,

always laughing,

a snuggler,

full of energy,

always playing cars,

trying to be just like your daddy,

We love you little man! We thank God every day for finding us you!