Sunday, June 15, 2014

Liam Moment

Today (like every day), Liam was frustrated that his Mater truck (which is a tow truck) can't actually tow things. And I have to give the kid credit, why make a tow truck that can't tow things? After weeks of telling him we can't fix Mater, I FINALLY found a way to make a car sort of stick to Mater. I looked at Max and said "Mama is a genius."
Liam started clapping and jumping "Mamas genius" "Mamas genius"!
So darn adorable. I just can't get enough of this kid.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Love Visitors!

We LOVE having visitors!
We couldn't wait for the Rauterkus family to get to our house at the end of April.
Janelle had a conference so we didn't get nearly as much time with her as we would have liked, but the kids had a blast together. And we got lots of time hanging out with Brett!

We hope Avery and Harper talk their mama & daddy into coming back soon!
It is always SO much fun spending time with them. 
And if you are reading this, we would love a visit from you sometime soon too!

Gabe turns 3

 On the 3rd of May our nephew turned 3. 
Seriously, where does the time go. 
Grandma Deb found some fun Thomas party decorations and I had fun making some train cupcakes!
Gabe loved every minute! 
Happy Birthday to our favorite little nephew and Liam's best buddy!

Daddy's Birthday

We love celebrating our favorite guy on his birthday, May 14.
Liam was so excited to give him the card he made for him. 

We took him out for breakfast at the local cafe. 
They are always so good to us there!

And for lunch, we went out for egg burgers at TJ's. Another daddy favorite. 
Liam got to check out the PacMan machine for the first time. 

I'm not sure if Liam or Daddy had more fun.

I had planned on making Max's favorite pasta for dinner, but instead my parents met us in Mitchell and took us out for another birthday dinner at Ruby Tuesday. 
When we got back home Daddy & Liam mowed the yard until bedtime. 
Daddy said it was a perfect day.

We loved celebrating you all day and everyday Daddy. We are so thankful God gave us you!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Butterfly House

Earlier in May we picked Gabe up for a morning of fun at the Sertoma Butterfly House and Aquarium. 
We had a special doughnut breakfast to start our day. 

The boys were so excited to get going and explore. 

Liam was obsessed with touching the rays this time. 

And then we watched the butterflies. 

And of course we had to get our silly on before we could go home. 

I love exploring with these little dudes!