Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bible Stories

This is my favorite part of our evenings...

Daddy tells Liam it's time for a bible story and no matter what we are doing he stops and runs to his room, grabs his bible, and waits to climb up into Daddy's lap. 
I just sit and watch as Max reads to Liam and teaches him the most important lessons he can learn about life. 
Then we all cuddle and say our prayers before we put him to bed. 
I am so thankful for these special moments and that Max has already taught Liam the importance of spending time with his bible each day. And I am so thankful for a husband who leads our family by faith.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Today we had lunch at one of our favorite little spots in "the big city" (what we small town people call Sioux Falls). 
And it was the best time. Just our little family of three laughing, smiling, and loving being together. Oh how I wish I could just freeze time every once in awhile. In these silly, every day moments that remind me what life is really all about. 
Liam, you have always been a sweet little thing, but now as your personality is coming just stops daddy and I in our tracks sometimes. You are FUNNY. Seriously, you know just how to make us laugh. You are the perfect combination of sweet and tough. You will give hugs and kisses to everyone. All the time. And then be ready to wrestle and get dirty the next minute. 
I'm so thankful for these two boys. God has been so good to me. I wish I could freeze time. For just awhile. But instead I will be thankful for these two. My perfect mixes of crazy, kind, tough, and sweet.