Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've got the Joy

Lately I spend A LOT of time thinking about how when we are finally blessed with children I will soak up every second of them. Every little thing. The way they look, smile, pout, laugh, cry, everything. The good days and the bad. And I know that this journey we have been on has made my heart so ready to be a mom that when we are having those awful days I will be able to stop and just be overly joyful and thankful for the fact that I am blessed to have children to have those days with.
I am just filled with joy at the thought of where this journey has taken us. I can't explain it to you other than that I know that this journey has been incredible so far (the good and the bad) and that I just know that when we see God's plan play out for us it will be so amazing we won't be able to contain our joy. Tonight my joy is extra strong! I don't know why but I guess it is just the thought that big things are ahead for us and the joy of all that we have had to be thankful for over the last 5 years of hoping to be parents. We have been so many places and done so many amazing things together. I couldn't be happier and I just know when we are blessed with children it will be *perfect* timing.
I'm so thankful for this unexplainable joy in my heart in a situation that could easily frustrate and upset us. I am thankful for faith and knowing that God knows the plan even if I don't! I've definitely got the joy!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Done!!

Our garage is completely done. Can you believe it?? It has been done for a few weeks now and it is simply WONDERFUL!! We even got grass planted in the front and on the side of the garage where the grass got ripped up. Things are really coming together...FINALLY!
Max getting ready to plant some grass!