Friday, November 30, 2012

Liam Vs. The Avocado

Liam is an avocado lover. But normally mommy feeds them to him. But today we decided to let him go for it. His clothes were already thoroughly disgusting so I didn't even bother stripping him down or getting a bib. Liam took it too that avacado. You may not think so from these pics, but yes he did get a lot into his mouth. 

His hand is moving too fast for the picture because sometimes a boy just needs to pound his food into his tray. 

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Hairy Tale

Most of you have heard of "No Shave November". Well the men of Parker decided to take the idea and do a fundraiser for Bob this month. All of the men shaved on November 1st and after that time they were not allowed to shave, trim, or cut their hair from the neck up. So of course, my hubby decided to participate. Anyone who knows Max, knows that he HATES how itchy his beard feels after a few days so he never has one. But he pushed through and as soon as pics were taken tonight the beard was gone!
But not without a little fun first...

Max with full beard, Uncle Alan, Uncle Tom, Papa Bob

The beard, nicely trimmed...

The thoughtful Goatee, which he rocked the summer we started dating. 


The "stache"

The "Charlie Chaplin" 

And my clean shaven bubba.
Now to see what Liam thinks of him when he wakes up tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liam's First Thanksgiving!

Another big first holiday for our little dude...Thanksgiving!!
I LOVE Thanksgiving. While we should all practice being thankful ALL of the time, I am thankful for a time of year that helps us to focus on all of the things that we shouldn't take for granted. Liam loved the holiday because he was surrounded by family for 4 days straight. He was in heaven.

Chillin in his jammies Thanksgiving morning.
We started a thankful table cloth this year! Can't wait to look back on it next year . 

Liam watched his first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

And he had a blast maneuvering around all the extra chairs and table we had up.  

We had the Masters/Friman family Thanksgiving at our house for lunch. 

We did a pajama lunch. It was great!

And of course he LOVED the turkey!

Then everyone dug into the Black Friday ads...

Liam was thankful as always for his Uncle Kyle. 

Then we headed to Chamberlain for Thanksgiving dinner . Two turkey dinners in one day? No problem!!
Liam loves his Grandpa!

And he loves hanging out with his cousin Dylan!

And of course he loves seeing his Aunt Brittany & Uncle Randy.

There are always A LOT of special people around at the Dominiack family gatherings to shower him with love. 

He loves his Grandma & cousin Morgan too. 

And his Great Aunts are always making him smile!

We took a family photo before bed. And I adore it. 

Next we spent the weekend celebrating with the Leiferman  family. 

Liam and his cousin Michael are good buddies. 

They had a blast playing with Xander & Hayden. 

Hayden is my buddy. I love this little dude. He makes my heart smile!

We even went to the Light Parade Friday night.
Another adorable pic of my parents! 

My Mom loved how her hat was looking when I showed her this pic. :)

We bundled up and had a blast!

Liam was totally amazed by all of the lights.

And as always I am totally head over heels in love with this man...

Every family get together has moments like this. Good thing I keep my camera handy.

We are so blessed. We are so loved. We have the best families in the world.
We love you all & are so thankful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with all of you!

8 Months

On November 16th, you turned 8 months old. 
You now weigh 20.6lbs and are 28.25in long. 
You had 4 teeth on your 8 month birthday and as of today you are up to 6! 
You crawl everywhere as fast as you can go and love to pull yourself up on things. You think you can walk but you can't so you end up falling a lot. This never stops you though. You just started to walk along things too. You are always hungry and love every food you try. If anyone around you is eating you think you should be eating too. You figured out how to spit and think it is pretty funny. You also love to talk in a high pitched scream at the top of your lungs.You melt your mama's heart when you giggle at her when you drink your bottle and play with her hair. And it doesn't bother her at all that you would rather hold her hand than hold your own bottle. We are SO blessed to be your mommy & daddy. 

You & your Birthday Buddy Harper!
You were SO tired when we took this picture. 

Your Daddy always makes you laugh!

You got to ride the horses at Grandma & Grandpa Dominiack's park for the first time. You loved it!

You are always melting our hearts.
And being outside is your favorite!

You are still an explorer and love to study everyone and everything. 

You got your first taste of candy cane when you talked mama into sharing!

You are always full of smiles. You are our sunshine. 
Happy 8 Months Liam Wayne. You continue to amaze us everyday. You have to most beautiful smile and personality to match it. We can't wait to learn more and more about you as you grow. We love you!!

Liam's Big Day

November 7th, 2012 was a HUGE day for the Masters family. 
Liam officially became "Liam Wayne Masters". 
What we had known in our hearts from the moment we saw him, was now legal!
We were lucky that many of our family & friends were able to get the day off to come celebrate with us. 

We had a full court room!

Our Judge was really great!

Here we are with our Attorney, our Social Worker, and our Judge. We have been blessed to get to work with some fabulous people. When someone loves Jesus it shows in what they do and these people shine! 

The Grandparents were very proud!

And so are we! 

Liam is so loved by his family...

We had lots of goodies to eat, 

and fun time spent together. 

We are so blessed by all of the love everyone has given to us, 

& our sweet boy.

We are so thankful for all of the love of our family & friends. You are such blessings and we are so thankful that Liam will grow up having all of you in his life! 
We love you all!