Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liam's First Thanksgiving!

Another big first holiday for our little dude...Thanksgiving!!
I LOVE Thanksgiving. While we should all practice being thankful ALL of the time, I am thankful for a time of year that helps us to focus on all of the things that we shouldn't take for granted. Liam loved the holiday because he was surrounded by family for 4 days straight. He was in heaven.

Chillin in his jammies Thanksgiving morning.
We started a thankful table cloth this year! Can't wait to look back on it next year . 

Liam watched his first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

And he had a blast maneuvering around all the extra chairs and table we had up.  

We had the Masters/Friman family Thanksgiving at our house for lunch. 

We did a pajama lunch. It was great!

And of course he LOVED the turkey!

Then everyone dug into the Black Friday ads...

Liam was thankful as always for his Uncle Kyle. 

Then we headed to Chamberlain for Thanksgiving dinner . Two turkey dinners in one day? No problem!!
Liam loves his Grandpa!

And he loves hanging out with his cousin Dylan!

And of course he loves seeing his Aunt Brittany & Uncle Randy.

There are always A LOT of special people around at the Dominiack family gatherings to shower him with love. 

He loves his Grandma & cousin Morgan too. 

And his Great Aunts are always making him smile!

We took a family photo before bed. And I adore it. 

Next we spent the weekend celebrating with the Leiferman  family. 

Liam and his cousin Michael are good buddies. 

They had a blast playing with Xander & Hayden. 

Hayden is my buddy. I love this little dude. He makes my heart smile!

We even went to the Light Parade Friday night.
Another adorable pic of my parents! 

My Mom loved how her hat was looking when I showed her this pic. :)

We bundled up and had a blast!

Liam was totally amazed by all of the lights.

And as always I am totally head over heels in love with this man...

Every family get together has moments like this. Good thing I keep my camera handy.

We are so blessed. We are so loved. We have the best families in the world.
We love you all & are so thankful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with all of you!

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