Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Liam Moment

After being told no a billion  many times throughout the day yesterday Liam went back into the bathroom, grabbed the toilet lid, looked right at me, smiled, and started to lift it up. So once again I said no and before I could head into the bathroom to stop him, he shut the lid, walked straight over and closed the bathroom door on me. Take that mama. After the initial shock, followed by a short laugh attack, I pulled it together long enough to open the door and make him leave the bathroom.
Total attitude. Love seeing that little personality come out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


These two...

are buddies.

They have way too much fun together. 

They are trouble. 

And I can only imagine the things these two will come up with as they get older. 

Yay for little boys. 

And yay for cousins. 

My Whole World

Fresh Air

Winter. I love you. Until February rolls around. And then I start researching beach towns in North Carolina that have lots of sunshine and humidity. 
Anyway. In the middle of all of the bitter cold and wind we have been having around here we had a nice day on the 8th of February. (nice meaning forties and just a little wind)
So we hit the sunshine and spent our Saturday in the yard and at the park. 

And the next day there was a blizzard. SO there you go. February in South Dakota.
Get out and enjoy the warmth and sunshine when you can and be thankful that we are less than a month away from SPRING!!! 

11 Months

11 months old. 
How can you already be such a big boy? Your daddy informed me that since February is the shortest month of the year, your last month of being a baby is going to go extra fast. I wish I could slow down time, but I am also enjoying every single moment of watching you grow. 
You are 29.5 inches long and weigh 22.8lbs. You run everywhere all day long. You never stop moving. You LOVE to clap and you do it for everyone and everything that you love. 
One of my favorite things that you do right now is blink at mama. You will blink both eyes at me and wait for me to do it back. It melts me heart. 
You have started to throw fits when you get mad. You have discovered how to push buttons on the cable box. (Ones that Mom & Dad don't even know how to use.) And most recently set up Sesame Street to record each day. Pretty impressive buddy. 
We love you so much.  

Liam & Fran

Through our business we have had the opportunity to meet a lot of really wonderful people. But we know that through our business God especially brought our dear friend Fran into our lives. What a blessing this woman is. We cherish her friendship so greatly. And Mr. Liam just adores her. They are adoption buddies, what a special bond that is!  
We were able to have lunch with Fran on our recent trip and I finally got some pictures of her and Liam together. We will definitely treasure these photos and her friendship forever! 

Friday, February 1, 2013


So much joy in this sweet boy. 

Fun in the Kitchen

Liam spent countless time in the kitchen the other day playing with an empty bowl, two beaters, and his favorite spatula. 
He spun the bowl. Played it like a drum. And of course, chewed on everything.
Love watching this little man grow & learn everyday. 

As I mentioned the spatula is one of Liam's favorite things. It keeps him happy and content when we are making his dinner or when he gets bored with his toys. The other day we were in the van driving down the road before we realized he had brought his spatula with him in the car. 
Love this dude. 


We recently realized that in almost all of Liam's pictures he looks bald. I am always trying to catch those sweet smiles and adorable eyes, which means you only ever see the front (bald) part of his cute little head. 
So here it is. Proof that this kid is finally getting some hair! 

When we first met Liam's birth mom she told us that she was a bald baby for a very long time. So we have not been surprised at all about how slowly his hair has came in! And I have had the chance to kiss the top of his perfect little bald head longer than a lot of mamas get too. What a blessing!