Monday, September 19, 2011

The Crib

Yesterday we bought a crib for the nusery. Lots of people include pictures of their nursery in the Profile Book that expectant parents use to pick the adopted parents for their baby. So we wanted to show our future birth parents the fun & cute nursery their baby would be coming home to someday. And of course we have been waiting for a LONG time to have a reason to get to shop for nursery things and were beyond excited. It is still so strange to walk past the old guest room and see a crib sitting in there. Strange & wonderful!
Max was so excited to put it togther!

He worked hard!

And as the crib came together, the guest room started
to become a nursery!

We are excited to paint the walls & the dresser/changing table next!

Our nursery is going to be an ocean theme!
The blanket on the crib has little anchors on it. We found the fabric at JoAnn's
& Deb made the blanket.
Look for more nursery blogs coming soon!

Something Special

This is my bestie from college (Janelle) and her wonderful hubby (Brett). They are two of the most fabulous and fun people you will ever meet. I wish all of you could know and love them as much as me! Well, on Friday they invited me to part of something VERY special!
I got to go along to their very first ultra-sound for baby #2!! I have, of course seen many ultra-sound pics of babies of our family & friends but to see that baby on the screen in person was totally amazing. It was something I might never have gotten to experience and I will never forget it. It meant the world to me to get to be there when they got to see their little one moving all around for the first time.
What a special and unique experience that I will treasure forever!
I love you Janelle & Brett! Can't wait to spoil baby #2 just as much as I love spoiling Avery!! You two are a blessing in our lives & we love you to pieces!

Our Perfect Day

On Friday the 16th of September we had a perfect day. Any day that we get to spend together NOT doing work is a wonderful day but this day was special. We had planned to work in Sundance on Friday but ended up getting everything done on Thursday, so Friday was all ours! After a StarBucks date involving the most fabulous Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, we were off for a day in the Black Hills together!
Can you see how happy he is?

We had lunch in Hill City at our favorite little cafe!
We miss our weekend drives to Hill City now that we live on the other side of the state!

We took the Needles Highway.

It was a perfect sunny day!

We drove by Sylvan Lake.

And through lots of tunnels!

All the views are so amazing!

Loving that I look like a giant here!

We saw lots of wildlife on our drive!

On our way back home we drove through the badlands.

And here I am expressing my love for snakes...

 We miss all the exploring we used to do around the Hills when we lived there. It was fabulous to have a day to just enjoy the Hills and the amazing views with each other. We even ended the day with a cheeseburger for Max at Casey's Cafe in Chamberlain. (Max will be happy to tell you how there is no better burger anywhere!) Here is to many more perfect days together in the future!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Fishing

On Saturday we spent the day just fishing. It was a beautiful Saturday with a warm fall day feeling. So we headed to Lake Vermillion for some fishing & grilling. We spent the afternoon fishing, relaxing, and soaking up the sun while we still can.
Getting the poles ready.

Enjoying a good book.

Catching some fish.

Soaking up the sun.

Showing off his catch.

Enjoying some grilled burgers.

Another catch.

Full September Moon over the Water

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's Up Doc?

When we planted carrots this spring we had no idea how they would turn out. But for the amount of carrots this family likes to eat we were hoping to at least get some! Well, we have a carrot crop that would make Bugs Bunny jealous people. We ended up with TONS of big and delicious carrots. This is one third of the carrots! We left some out to enjoy and are freezing the rest to enjoy through the winter. Having a garden is the best!
This was the first & last time we brought the carrots into the house with the tops attached!
BIG mess!!

This one was HUGE!!
*That's what she said*