Sunday, January 24, 2010

Babies one way or another!

Leslie and I have come to a pretty big decision in the last couple weeks. We have always discussed that we wanted to adopt at some point in our lives regardless of whether or not we could get pregnant. We have decided to move forward with starting the adoption process. We have a meeting with Lutheran Social Services in Sioux Falls on Tuesday morning.

We in no way have given up on the thought of biological babies but we were basically stuck doing nothing right now. Due to the medical bills/dirtwork contractor fiasco events of the past year we can't try the IVF that we had hoped to at this point due to the cost involved. Although adoption is right around the same price as IVF there are grant options available that could help us with the adoption cost. And we wanted to get the adoption process rolling so we could get our home study done in case an opportunity for a "quick" adoption came up.

We are asking for all of our family and friends to pray for us as we go through this process. We have had an extremely stressful last 11 months but we realize that we are blessed to have all of you in our lives.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Lately Rebakah has been on my mind a lot. She was a godly woman but was not without her own human weakness. She was unable to get pregnant but rather than sit around complaining she allowed the love of God to direct her life. By trusting God's plan for her and letting the God's spirit guide her she was blessed with children by a plan greater than what she could have ever imagined.
It is my goal to grow closer to God each day and let the holy spirit guide my decisions. Rebekah and Isaac also remind me of the importance of praying for my husband. Rebekah and Isaac prayed together for her pregnancy and when Rebekah became weary Isaac prayed for her even harder. As wives and husbands we need to always be looking out for one another. Praying for each others struggles and praying together. I know that praying together as a couple is something that has brought Max and I even closer.
I could go on and on about Rebekah here but for now I just wanted to focus on how being a godly woman who puts her focus on growing closer to the Lord will bring you more fulfillment than you could ever imagine in your life. And by praying together and for each other you can bring your marriage even more strenghth.

Friday, January 1, 2010


One tradition in the Dominiack family is the annual sugar cookie party. Get your family and friends together and bake and decorate some delicious cookies. My Dad started it when my brother and I were young and the tradition has stuck with us ever since. Sometimes we have tons of people and other years just a few of us but either way it is always an AMAZING time! Maybe next year you can join us...


There is nothing better than delicious food... And amazing friends...
We love our besties!