Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30th

Liam slept for over 3 hours at nap time and my hubby came home with a chocolate iced coffee and this sign for me. So despite the -30 wind chill, this day has totally warmed my heart. 

Liam Moment

Liam can now "read" his little blue truck book to us. Hearing him read his books by memory melts my heart. And I just love seeing his reading skills grow. Proud mama & daddy moments. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th

Liam's Knights finally have a castle to defend. Many epic battles have already been fought here since Christmas. 
After his nap, he requested hot chocolate with marshmallows and to watch Frosty the Snowman. 
We are soaking up these last days of December. I'm always sad to see December go, but excited for God's plans for us in the New Year! 

December 28th

Liam spent the day playing with all of his new things. 
Then we went into Uncle D's house to play with Presley. 
Last night a light snow was falling and the Christmas lights looked so beautiful under the snow. 

December 27th

Saturday morning we got up and enjoyed Grandma's yummy cinnamon pull aparts and played until it was time to go back to Parker. 

We had the Friman family Christmas Saturday afternoon. Liam had a blast playing with all his cousins! 

Then we came back to our house to celebrate Christmas with Uncle Kyle, Tara, and Papa & Grandma Masters. 

After Liam was sleeping Saturday night Daddy and I decided to relax and enjoy and yummy Christmas drink. Unfortunately the drink didn't taste as good as it sounded. But we still said "cheers" to another wonderful Christmas surrounded by people we love. 

December 26th

The day after Christmas we were still in Chamberlain. We stayed in our pajamas and played for part of the morning. Then we went over to "Papa's pool" and went swimming. 
Liam had a blast as always and we all got to burn off some of the Christmas goodies from the last few days. 

Then we went back to Papa and Grandma's house to play and have a fish fry.
If you ever get the chance to eat my Mom's fried walleye, don't turn her down. 
There is nothing like it! 

Friday evening we went to one of our favorite little spots in Chamberlain for dinner. Liam spent his time playing pool and eating all of his food (and most of mine too). 

December 25th

On Christmas morning, Liam was SO excited to give Daddy the present he had made him. 
He barely gave Daddy time to wake up, before he was making him open his present. 

 Once he told Daddy all about his hard work making his present, we could go out and open our stockings and presents.

 Grandma & Papa Masters came up for a Christmas brunch before we left for Chamberlain.

When we got to Grandma & Papa Dominiack's, everyone was waiting to open gifts.

Then we had to play some Yahtzee. Our new puppy, Chief kept nibbling on Aunt Carol's toes while we tried to play. He just couldn't resist her fuzzy socks.

Then we went over to my Grandma's house for Christmas with all of the Dominiacks. Liam had a blast with all of his cousins. And I love seeing him play with all of my cousin's kids like we all played together on the holidays. What a blessing!

It was a beautiful Christmas surrounded by family. We gave thanks for time with all those we love. We had many friends and family that were struggling with tragedies this Christmas and it made us so thankful to know that the true meaning of Christmas is all about hope. Hope that came in the gift of a baby in a manger. Hope that no matter what happens in this life, we are promised an eternal life with God if we trust in him. And I am so thankful that my friends and family can hold onto that hope when nothing else in life is making sense.
We are so thankful for the beautiful light of Christmas and all of our family and friends. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year too!

December 24th

Christmas Eve was wonderful and busy. 
We finally got around to making our sugar cookies. 
Liam had a blast baking and decorating them this year. 
Then we had a yummy meal with Grandma & Papa Masters before we left for church.
Christmas Eve church service is always one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas. The candlelight reminding me that in this dark world we can always have hope because of the light God sent for us through his son, Jesus. What an incredible gift. The most wonderful gift we have ever received on any Christmas!

Grandma Doris sent Liam some reindeer food. So we had to go put it out on the lawn for the reindeer before Liam went to bed.

My little man was so proud of his Snoopy Christmas sweater. We had to take another picture of it before he took it off for bed time.
I am just beyond blessed to be his mama.

Then Daddy read him the Little Blue Truck Christmas book before going to bed.

Santa came and filled our stockings and left some special presents under our tree.

And Mama & Daddy sat by the fire watching "It's a Wonderful Life". 
And it really is! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23rd

Liam and his pups. 
Playing trains with Daddy & Papa.

Christmas baking.
And an adorable little pup.