Friday, December 5, 2014

December 1st

For years I have adored seeing Max's cousins post their "December Dailies" where they post a photo each day in December to capture the magic of this special time of year. And every year I think it would be a fabulous way to remember some of my favorite moments for Liam. And every year, I never get it done. So here I go, attempting (and starting late) to document some of our favorite moments of this precious season. 
Thanks for the inspiration Karla & Kelsey! 
We look forward to your posts each day!

December 1st:

Liam picking out Jesus birthday present this year. This is the first year he got to pick the gift out on his own. He ended up picking a bike to give a child in a developing county a safe and efficient way to travel many miles to their school. We were very proud to see how much time he took looking and choosing a gift. 

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