Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Sparkle

February Fun!

We have had a busy and fun February! Of course I had to make some sugar cookies. They were SUPER yummy and I loved the colors I ended up with. Even Gus and Mollie were feeling the LOVE of Valentines day and decided to do a little cuddling!For Valentines Day lunch we went to Joey's Seafood with our besties from Spearfish who made the trip through a blizzard just to spend the weekend with us! It made our Valentines Day extra special! We love these guys!And who could resist adding this picture of Avery in her adorable little hat!!

We ended the month with a Bryan Adams concert that Max got us tickets for as my Christmas gift! BEST gift EVER!!! The concert was amazing. He played solo for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Just him with his guitar and another guy on piano for some of the songs. I was totally in heaven. I have LOVED Bryan Adams since I was a little girl and literally couldn't stop smiling through the entire show. I was especially excited when he played "Heaven" which is our song. My huz really is the greatest! Of course there were no cameras allowed at the show so here is a picture of us after!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreaming of Mexico

As the Masters rents are preparing to depart for Mexico tomorrow we have been remembering that AMAZING trip 2 years ago when we got to go along to paradise. It was one of the most relaxing and fun trips we have ever taken and we will never forget it. So until the time comes for us to go back here are some pictures to keep us dreaming! Starting with a group shot of everyone that came along that year!

We got swim in the ocean for the first time together without freezing! We have done this on the Oregon Coast but the water there is a little chilly!

We got to eat, eat, and then eat some more. All inclusive is totally the way to go people! :) The desserts were especially delicious!
Here we are happy and tan. :)

This was one of Max's favorite parts of Mexico!

I don't think there is anything better there laying in the sun getting a tan so Mexico was perfect for me. Here we are at the private pool getting some shade.

We both LOVED this little palm tree. So of course we both had to take a picture with it. All the color in Mexico is a VERY welcome site during a cold, white South Dakota winter.

I miss my toes in the hot sand, never ending frozen drinks, and the ocean. Mostly I miss just relaxing on the beach with my Bub. We miss you Mexico and look forward to the day we get to see you again!