Monday, December 8, 2014

Beautiful Moments

Yesterday I was staring at Liam as he was sleeping in his car seat on our way home from church. 
And I had one of those moments we all have as moms, where you are just utterly blown away that this is your child. And as I was thanking God for this beautiful gift, I was reminded that this gift came from Liam's birth mom as well. And it took my breath away. Just like everyone l get caught up in the every day moments of life and when this seemingly obvious thing hits me out of nowhere, I can't help but wonder how it doesn't stop me in my tracks and knock me to my knees every single day. Every moment. I am a mom because another beautiful woman believed that this was my baby. I am the mom of the exact baby God had picked out for me before time began. And every trial, struggle, and every year that went by without becoming a mom was leading me to him. Again, how does it not stop me in my tracks?! Yet, at the same time I realize that although God's orchestrations are mind blowing, he so perfectly made Liam for our family that most days it doesn't cross my mind. Yes, he is adopted but that is just how he "came" to us. It is not "who" he is. He is just my son, Liam. A boy who is loved by many parents, most importantly his Heavenly Father. 
I am so very thankful for moments that remind me of just how incredible God's ways are. I hope that if you are reading this and you are going through trials of any kind, that you would remember that God is always right there with you and if you let him he will do amazing things with your heart through them. 

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