Sunday, January 24, 2010

Babies one way or another!

Leslie and I have come to a pretty big decision in the last couple weeks. We have always discussed that we wanted to adopt at some point in our lives regardless of whether or not we could get pregnant. We have decided to move forward with starting the adoption process. We have a meeting with Lutheran Social Services in Sioux Falls on Tuesday morning.

We in no way have given up on the thought of biological babies but we were basically stuck doing nothing right now. Due to the medical bills/dirtwork contractor fiasco events of the past year we can't try the IVF that we had hoped to at this point due to the cost involved. Although adoption is right around the same price as IVF there are grant options available that could help us with the adoption cost. And we wanted to get the adoption process rolling so we could get our home study done in case an opportunity for a "quick" adoption came up.

We are asking for all of our family and friends to pray for us as we go through this process. We have had an extremely stressful last 11 months but we realize that we are blessed to have all of you in our lives.


  1. very exciting news! we can't wait for your baby one way or another!! :)

  2. Exciting!!! Not sure how you feel about other ethnicities, but my 2 cousins both adopted African American newborns. They were in North Carolina. They both got them less than a year after their home study was done. Also, in MN...if you adopt a child out of the foster care system you have NO adoption fees. Those are the two things I know.

  3. Hello: I stumbled upon your blog, I have been through a bit dealing with infertility and blood tests and frustration for 2 years, but God has finally blessed me with 2 beautiful baby girls.
    I just wanted to stop by and share my experience. I was diagnosed with PCOS, definitely nothing big as compared to what you have endured. I had a lovely Ob Gyn that I saw and also, I was a member of a small and lovely online community called There is a reproductive endocrinologist Dr Quintero that answers questions for free and he has a good heart from my experience there. You could check with him if your current treatment plan is ok and what options you may have esp when you have Endo and I believe there are several protocols to choose from during IVF and other Estrogen therapy for Endo, I am not familiar with these because I did not have Endo, but I have heard from my friends there abt it. I know one Kan she has endo and got preggers and had a baby too. She is also very helpful, you could message her if you want from the site. Just wanted to share this with you. Remember God has a plan and there is a reason why these things happen. God bless you. Ur blessing is just round the corner.