Monday, September 19, 2011

The Crib

Yesterday we bought a crib for the nusery. Lots of people include pictures of their nursery in the Profile Book that expectant parents use to pick the adopted parents for their baby. So we wanted to show our future birth parents the fun & cute nursery their baby would be coming home to someday. And of course we have been waiting for a LONG time to have a reason to get to shop for nursery things and were beyond excited. It is still so strange to walk past the old guest room and see a crib sitting in there. Strange & wonderful!
Max was so excited to put it togther!

He worked hard!

And as the crib came together, the guest room started
to become a nursery!

We are excited to paint the walls & the dresser/changing table next!

Our nursery is going to be an ocean theme!
The blanket on the crib has little anchors on it. We found the fabric at JoAnn's
& Deb made the blanket.
Look for more nursery blogs coming soon!

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