Monday, September 19, 2011

Something Special

This is my bestie from college (Janelle) and her wonderful hubby (Brett). They are two of the most fabulous and fun people you will ever meet. I wish all of you could know and love them as much as me! Well, on Friday they invited me to part of something VERY special!
I got to go along to their very first ultra-sound for baby #2!! I have, of course seen many ultra-sound pics of babies of our family & friends but to see that baby on the screen in person was totally amazing. It was something I might never have gotten to experience and I will never forget it. It meant the world to me to get to be there when they got to see their little one moving all around for the first time.
What a special and unique experience that I will treasure forever!
I love you Janelle & Brett! Can't wait to spoil baby #2 just as much as I love spoiling Avery!! You two are a blessing in our lives & we love you to pieces!

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  1. This made me cry. Just so you know. I am glad you got to experience that with us! I love you guys so much! I have been reading your blog posts about getting ready for your new baby and I am so beyond happy for you guys! You will make the most AMAZING parents! ~Janelle