Tuesday, November 27, 2012

8 Months

On November 16th, you turned 8 months old. 
You now weigh 20.6lbs and are 28.25in long. 
You had 4 teeth on your 8 month birthday and as of today you are up to 6! 
You crawl everywhere as fast as you can go and love to pull yourself up on things. You think you can walk but you can't so you end up falling a lot. This never stops you though. You just started to walk along things too. You are always hungry and love every food you try. If anyone around you is eating you think you should be eating too. You figured out how to spit and think it is pretty funny. You also love to talk in a high pitched scream at the top of your lungs.You melt your mama's heart when you giggle at her when you drink your bottle and play with her hair. And it doesn't bother her at all that you would rather hold her hand than hold your own bottle. We are SO blessed to be your mommy & daddy. 

You & your Birthday Buddy Harper!
You were SO tired when we took this picture. 

Your Daddy always makes you laugh!

You got to ride the horses at Grandma & Grandpa Dominiack's park for the first time. You loved it!

You are always melting our hearts.
And being outside is your favorite!

You are still an explorer and love to study everyone and everything. 

You got your first taste of candy cane when you talked mama into sharing!

You are always full of smiles. You are our sunshine. 
Happy 8 Months Liam Wayne. You continue to amaze us everyday. You have to most beautiful smile and personality to match it. We can't wait to learn more and more about you as you grow. We love you!!

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