Friday, November 30, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Hairy Tale

Most of you have heard of "No Shave November". Well the men of Parker decided to take the idea and do a fundraiser for Bob this month. All of the men shaved on November 1st and after that time they were not allowed to shave, trim, or cut their hair from the neck up. So of course, my hubby decided to participate. Anyone who knows Max, knows that he HATES how itchy his beard feels after a few days so he never has one. But he pushed through and as soon as pics were taken tonight the beard was gone!
But not without a little fun first...

Max with full beard, Uncle Alan, Uncle Tom, Papa Bob

The beard, nicely trimmed...

The thoughtful Goatee, which he rocked the summer we started dating. 


The "stache"

The "Charlie Chaplin" 

And my clean shaven bubba.
Now to see what Liam thinks of him when he wakes up tomorrow...

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