Saturday, November 16, 2013


October was fabulous. We soaked up all things fall.
We played at the park. Played in leaves. Played with cousin Gabe. Painted lots of pumpkins. 
And counted our blessings on the 15th for 1 year since Grandpa Bob's stroke. We are so thankful that he is healthier and happier than ever! We would be lost without him. 

We spent the first weekend of October in Chamberlain with Grandma & Grandpa Dominiack.
We spent a lot of time at the park across the street. 

Liam helped Grandma decorate for Halloween. And pretended he was a cowboy. 

And we painted pumpkins. 

We also got to celebrate Grandpa Steve's birthday! Liam was in dessert heaven! 

Liam & Gabe spent lots of time playing in the leaves at Grandma and Grandpa's. 

And enjoyed being little artists...

Grandma Doris came to visit when Daddy got his wisdom teeth out and helped Liam make Halloween cookies with the special cookie cutters she had found for him. 

They were delicious. And we were happy to share them with lots of family and friends! 
And of course, 
we cheered on our Red Sox to a World Series win!!!

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