Monday, November 4, 2013


In September we had a GIS conference in Laramie, WY. We sponsored the event and Max was excited to take in some classes. My Mom was supposed to come along and play with Liam while we sat at our booth and Max went to class but a last minute work issue kept her from joining us. So Liam and I joined daddy at the booth when we could and played in the pool and hotel room the rest of the time. We had a blast on our mini-vacation/work trip. 

We stopped along the way in Nebraska to let Liam run and get some food at one of our fave little restaurants along the way. Liam turned 18 months old this day!

Liam thought the glass doors in our room were the best. He played there all the time! 

This trip was long before Liam's first haircut...can you tell?

I enjoyed every minute getting to just play with my buddy, without the chores of home there to bother me.

And sometimes we helped daddy at the booth. Liam was a magnet for meeting new people! This kid is a charmer for sure. :)

An Liam loved watching daddy at work.

One night the conference hosted a BBQ at the old Ft. Laramie Prison. We ate great food and had fun exploring. 

After that we grabbed some slushies from Sonic for a special treat and went to explore the University of Wyoming campus. We had a blast. Unfortunately our bright idea to get a tiny slush for Liam so we didn't have to lean over the stroller all evening to share ours back fired when Liam didn't sleep AT ALL the entire night. He of course, was ready to stop playing and go to bed once daddy had to be up and back at the booth. 

Here he is at 4:00am enjoying some cartoons and a banana. 

We are so thankful for the opportunity to travel with daddy and have lots of fun exploring new places together! And Liam of course, loves any chance to get near a pool. Especially now that summer is over! 

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