Monday, November 4, 2013

Giving Thanks

Toward the end of September I had surgery to remove two abnormally large cysts that had been causing extreme pain and fatigue for months. Now that I am finally getting my energy back I realize that they had been causing weakness for much longer than I even realized, since it came on so gradually. 
But it was a great reminder of how very loved I am and how many people are always there for me. I have the best family and friends imaginable. 
The worst part was being unable to lift this little man for a couple weeks. We spent a lot of time doing this...

My mom came and stayed with Liam the day of my surgery and had some flowers and a card that Liam made ready for me when I got home. She came back again later in the week to give Max a break and a chance to get some work done. She takes such good care of us.

And my hubby. There are just no words. He is just simply the best. He took care of Liam, ran the business, and took care of me. I would be lost without him. He kept me sane when the post surgery slump was trying to get the best of me. What would I do without you Max Robert?

My Dad came and spent time with Liam too. I love watching these two together. They are two peas in a pod. I got lots of much needed rest when I knew he was so well taken care of. 

And the weekend after my surgery my brother came and kept Liam happy and entertained. This boy just adores his Uncle D. 

My amazing mother-in-law made us delicious meals and helped with Liam a lot too. And my awesome father-in-law brought me a bunch of hot tamales (fave candy) and let me tell you, they were just what I needed. 
And Mr. Liam played and was such a good boy when his mama was stuck on the couch. There were definitely tears from both of us a few times when he wanted his mama to hold him but we survived! 

We were thankful for all of the cards, calls/texts, meals, prayers, and help that we received. We can't thank you all enough. We are blessed. 

Max had to have his wisdom teeth taken out a couple weeks ago. We are hoping this is the end of us and hospitals for awhile! Here's to staying healthy! :) 

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