Sunday, November 3, 2013

We love the Zoo!

We have used every opportunity from spring through this fall to get to the zoo whenever we can. We just love the zoo passes Grandma Deb put in our stockings last Christmas! One of our favorite things is to pick Gabe up and spend all morning at the zoo. Then we go have a picnic lunch at the park and let the boys play until they are wiped out and ready for naps. 
I'm thankful for a zoo close by to explore, family to explore it with, and all the fun we have had this year at the zoo! 

Max taught the boys how to milk a cow. Who knew his high school dairy worker days would come in so handy down the road? :) 

And this pic. Blurry yes, but so stinkin hilarious. 
This normally fearless boy was in full on panic here. 

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