Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

After realizing that Liam's Birthday will always be the day before St. Patrick's Day I realized we may go into a cupcake coma if we have our traditional St. Patty's cupcakes and birthday cupcakes all in the same weekend. So we decided to make them a little early this year and then share them with friends and family. 
Liam loves to help in the kitchen so he had a blast helping me stir everything up!

We even cut a cupcake in half for him to try.

He LOVED it!
And I sure love baking with my little buddy!

Here are a couple videos of us making and then enjoying the cupcakes. 
You will notice in the second movie that Liam chooses to suck on his cupcake rather than eat it at first. 
That my friends, is the sign of a delicious cuppy cake! 

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