Sunday, March 8, 2015

Miss Presley

A couple weekends ago, my brothers water heater broke. Major bummer. But I got to spend the day watching my niece while he dealt with the problem. And that was fabulous.
This girl. Have you ever seen such a doll?
She is simply the sweetest thing. 
I just couldn't love her more. 
I had to introduce her to one of the best movies ever. As an Aunt, this was on my "must list" for when I had a niece. I may have watched most of it while she napped...but I will make sure she knows all about these movies as she gets older.
Liam came to play later in the day and they had a blast. 
We are so excited for Presley to be a big sister this fall! The Dominiacks just make the cutest and sweetest babes around!  

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