Monday, March 12, 2012

A Challenge

It all started a couple of months ago...Max randomly stated that we should run a half marathon someday. *insert me dying laughing here* Me, the girl who HATES running, thought that was about the least unrealistic plan EVER. Once my laughter died down Max said that maybe a half marathon was a lot to ask right now but that a 5k would be perfect for us. Usually every year in May we do the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer walk with the Masters family, but he thought this year we should do the 5k instead. 
We have been making positive changes to get healthier and this seemed like a great idea to keep that up. The first couple weeks there were definitely a few days that it took everything in me to keep going. (Admittedly, this could of had A LOT to do with the colder weather). But I just focus on making it through one day of running at a time.
 Have I suddenly fallen in love with running? Definitely not. But I do love how I feel when we are done running. And I get to do it with the man I love. What could be better than that? And these unseasonably high temperatures are definitely helping my running attitude too! I am already feeling a change in my body and my health and I love it.
I am enjoying having a challenge and knowing that in May I can check the 5k off of my list of things I want to accomplish.We will be running our first 5k on May 12th in Sioux Falls. We will try to get a few pictures from that day and let you all know how it goes! 

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