Friday, April 6, 2012

They Do Exist

On the 1 day we had between hearing we were going to be bringing Liam home and the day we got him we went to Babies R Us to register for baby stuff and grab a few things we needed right away. As we were going down one of the aisles scanning items I noticed another woman in the aisle watching us. She looked like she was around our parents age and smiled when I saw her. She looked at the blue items Max was scanning and said "you must be having a boy". Max explained that it was a boy, but that we were adopting and that we got to bring him home the next day. I told her we had just found out the previous day. She got super excited and grabbed the item that Max had in his hand to scan and insisted that she had to buy it for us. We kept insisting she didn't but she was halfway to the register by then. We then heard the girls at the register saying, "awwww" as she was filling them in on our story. She came back to the aisle with our gift and gave us both big hugs. She told us that babies are just awesome and that she was so happy for us. And just like that she was gone. We never even learned her first name. It was a pretty amazing experience! It can be very easy in this world to see how negative and uncaring people can be. But there are still lots of caring and wonderful people out there too. We had the pleasure of meeting one in Babies R Us. I hope she could see how much her gesture meant to us! She was a wonderful reminder of how any little nice gesture we can do for someone each day, big or small, can totally change their day! Good people do still exist!! She is definitely going to be part of Liam's scrapbook.

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  1. Max and Lesley, I am a childhood friend of your Aunt Debbie Krug's (the original Debbie Masters). Okay, I know your dad Bob too! I've been following your blog and I am so excited that you are new parents to a little boy. You are going to be great parents. Pretty cool that you were picked out of many to be the parents to that little boy and that another stranger wanted to buy you a gift 'just because'. Angels do exist on earth. Blessings to you 3! Doreen Johnson Seal