Monday, April 23, 2012

1 Month

On April 16th our little peanut was 1 month old already. I can't believe how fast this time is flying by. One of our best friends from church blessed us with an amazing gift. She came out to our house and took some pictures of Liam for us. Here is a little sneak preview of a few of the many pictures she took. The last two are just a couple that I took, one of him on his 1 month birthday and 1 of him with his favorite Uncle D.  

At 1 month old Liam is already scooting himself off of his play mat and right down the changing table. He is very alert and loves to hear stories. He absolutely love listening to music and singing. He loves to coo at me when we sing songs. A-dorable. And this kid is strong people. He loves to stand up and hold his neck up to check things out. He is letting his mama and daddy get some sleep at night too which totally rocks. And you won't find a happier and more content baby anywhere. We are parents to the most awesome little man. 
We love you Liam Wayne and have been soaking up every moment with you. We can never express how thankful we are that God and your Birthmom wanted us to be your parents. We love you dude!!

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