Monday, March 30, 2009

The Good News & The Bad News

We had our doctor appointment this morning. This appointment was to go over all of the test results. We found out that both of Max's test turned out extra good. And that my clomid challenge was ovaries both function normally. And as we had learned the week before both of my tubes are now open. It was AMAZING news...and we were super excited to talk about what to try next.
Then came the bad news...we noticed on the ultra-sound that there was a spot on each of my ovaries. This means that the endometriosis has already come back since the laproscopy we did last February. Hopefully it has only came back a little but since it came back so quickly it could mean there is lots of it again already. So although even with all the good news the endo is once again a problem and I need another laproscopy. The only other choice would be to skip right to Invitro which is not recommended at this stage.
Those of you who know me the best know that I hate absolutely terrifies me. My surgery last year went well and I am sure this once will go just as well. I had a rough morning...but I have gotten over my pity-party and am ready to move forward with this process. I am just so ready to be done with tests and surgeries and start trying things. But I know that this needs to happen first.
Of course if I am already pregnant this month then I wouldn't have to worry about any of this. So say a few extra prayers for us! We are hoping that with the dye test opening my tubes I will be pregnant and not need to try anything else. But if that is not the case we are ready to move forward with the surgery just trusting that God take care of us.
This has been a trying day so far...I am praying for calmness and strength as we move along with this process! As much as I just want to be upset and hate the endometriosis I know that things could be so much worse and we have so much to be thankful for. Instead I am going to see what God will teach me through this situation. Thanks again for all of your prayers. The mean more than we could ever say.


  1. It is so good that they have a good idea of what to fix. I am glad that the results were clear and that they have a plan to move forward on. You are someone that deserves so much to have babies, you are SO wonderful with children...I will continue to pray for you Leslie, I know that there is so much to be frustrated by, and that it must really suck to have to go through all of the drama! Yeah for good news!!

  2. i'm excited for the good news and praying that the next steps in this process go smoothly for you and Max!