Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Testing 1,2,3...

Today we went in to start the clomid challenge test. This starts with a blood test to check the levels of two different hormones and then we did an ultra-sound. I ended up having 1 small cyst on each of my ovaries. Usually these go away so they are nothing to worry about for now. If they decide to stay permanently they would have to be removed by surgery. So everyone say a prayer that they will disappear on their own and make things A LOT less stressful. Next I will take clomid for 5 days and go back in next Wednesday for the last blood draw and another ultra-sound. So that is the clomid challenge test. I look forward to the crazy hot flashes and pointless worrying that I usually experience when taking clomid!
Also next Wednesday I will do the HSG which is the dye test. This will show how my uterus and tubes are working. It only takes about 15 minutes and we know the results immediately which is really great. Hopefully once all that is done we will go over the results of all of the tests we have done so far and make a decision on where to go from here. I am so happy to have begun this journey even though I feel like I have been poked enough for one lifetime already!
We really like everyone at our clinic and feel very comfortable there. The building we enter each time we go to the clinic is ALWAYS packed full of new babies leaving to go home or coming in for check-ups. We love seeing all of the babies...especially on the way in! It is such a great reminder of why we are there...especially on those days where I am less than excited to be poked again!
More doctor updates next week after all the tests. Hopefully when the weather gets a little better here I will take some pictures of our lot where we are going to be building and post them. I am definitely thinking spring and ready for warmer weather!!
We are still anxiously awaitng the arrival of little Lucca Chao and hoping to hear good news from San Francisco any day now! I know her cousins and Aunt and Unlce Swisher in Seattle can't wait for her to join the family! We are all so excited for the 3rd little "L" to come into this world!

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  1. yeah! get the process movin movin! we need lots of babies in our families :)
    i like the new layout!