Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Future Home

This is the land where we will be building our new home...hopefully very soon. The second picture is looking down the road where the end of the cul de sac will be. The others are looking at the lot from up the road.
We had a BIG set-back right after we moved to Parker. We were told by Wells Fargo long before we sold our home in Spearfish that once our home sold we should put a down payment on our new house from Design Homes. At that point we would give them the blue prints and they would start the process with us putting 5% down. We had planned on putting 10% down.
A couple weeks ago I called to tell them that we had the blue prints and were ready to move forward with bids. At this point I was told I now needed 30% to put down on the loan or we couldn't continue!!! YIKES! That would be literally impossible for us! And we had already put 5% down on our new house with Design Homes!
So we have now restarted the entire loan process with a local bank here in Parker. We have been very lucky to work with Max's cousin Lisa who has been wonderful to us. So everyone say a prayer that this time goes A LOT smoother and that we can get this process moving again. My faith has kept me calm and I know that God is in control so I haven't freaked out yet!

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  1. wow, 30% is unreal. hope it all works will!