Monday, April 6, 2009

Surgery Again

We found out today that I have to have surgery next Wednesday the 15th. We will be doing a laproscopy just like we did last February. The surgery will remove all the endometriosis that has come back and repair anything that the endo has caused damage to. And the doctor needs to see exactly what is going on in there so that he can better decide what needs to happen for us to get pregnant.
I hate IV's and the feeling of trying to wake up after being drugged. YUCK!! But I know that it is worth it and I know that I can do it. Max and I are much less worried since we know what to expect this time. I am just ready to do it and have it over with so that we can move on with this process.
So please pray for calmness and safety for me and knowledge for my doctor next Wednesday. We know you have all been praying for us and it really means so much to us. We hope everyone has a great Easter weekend. How lucky are we that Jesus died on the cross for our sins because he LOVES us soo much!?

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