Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleepy & Happy!

Surgery went really well today. I was home around 4:00 and have been feeling really good for the most part. Max has been taking excellent care of me and Mom Masters brought us dinner tonight which was great. My parents sent me the most beautiful flowers that totally brightened my day.
We got a lot of good news today. There was very little endometriosis so it has NOT been coming back aggresively like we had been worried about. However I did have tons of scar tissue and a cyst on each ovary which were probably causing a lot of trouble for us. We also found out that my ovaries were pinned which would have been causing trouble too. The doctor got everything cleaned up and freed up and got the cysts removed. He also used something (i am drawing a blank on the name) to put everywhere that he removed scar tissue to stop it from coming back. He is VERY optimistic that taking care of these problems will really increase our chances of getting pregnant!! YAY!! We are so blessed.
We go in for a follow-up appointment on May 1st and will learn what we will be doing next when we go in then. For now I am resting and healing and feeling VERY blessed that everything went so smoothly and that I am feeling so good.
Thanks again for all of your prayers. God is so good to us!


  1. awesome. very excited for the good news. rest up and i'm glad Max is taking care of you! you married a good guy!!

  2. Thank goodness! I was thinking about you today and had wanted to send you a message last night and I got carried away in conversation with a neighbor. I was glad that you had posted, and I am going to keep praying that there are no more barriers for you. I am so thankful for modern medicine!!

  3. i'm glad that is over with for you! rest,rest, rest. love you guys. :)