Monday, July 25, 2011

Newton Hills Camping

We spent this weekend in Newton Hills on another camping adventure with the Masters' family. We had a blast as usual. We ate lots of yummy food, hiked, went to the beach, and attempted to go to the church service at the campground. (We think we heard the service start about 45 minutes after it was supposed to start).
We went for a hike Saturday morning & Grandpa thought carrying Gabe around on the hike was pretty awesome. I think Gabe liked it too.

Newton Hills has TONS of gorgeous hiking trails, especially in the fall with all the colors changing.

Grandpa thought that watching Gabe was more fun than looking at the scenery!

Gabe went to the beach for the first time this weekend. He decided that napping was the best way to spend his time at the beach.

He had some fun tummy time...

and a bottle too!

Gus and Mollie had fun too. Gus likes to have a "safe place" to hide everywhere he goes so Mollie's old kennel works perfectly at the campgrounds!

Gabers loves to smile and giggle with everyone!

He is one happy little dude!

He had tubby time with Gramma.

And story time.

Of course, we had to make s'mores!

Max always has a pose for the camera!

We spent the evenings watching for shooting stars!

And each morning we enjoyed cuddling with our sweet little nephew. Love that little bug!
We can't wait to do it all again next weekend at Yogi Bear Campground with even more family members! We love camping!


  1. I have great memories of going camping at Newton Hills when I was a Girl Scout. Such a beautiful park! You're making lots of family memories on these camping trips. Great pics!

  2. ..can't wait to do it all *someday* with you guys at our FAMILY reunion. *wink* :o)

  3. I love your pictures! I also love camping, and wish I could be there with you guys. :) Love you!