Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goods from the Garden

We have a garden at our house for the first time this year! The last 2 years we have planted broccoli up in Mom Masters garden and helped her with all the other yummy produce she plants. So this year we planted LOTS of yummy things in her garden again & added even more yummy things into a garden at our house. Between the two gardens we eat A LOT of fresh veggies all year long.
We have already picked many tomatoes for salsa & tomato juice to make lots of chilli this winter!

We have also had TONS of zucchini!

We have a HUGE pumpkin patch full of pumpkins! Can't wait to start decorating for fall with them.

Here is our outta control garden!

We have been enjoying fresh green peppers. Max LOVES them sauteed with some onion on his steak!

Everytime we look we find more tomatoes!

We also planted carrots. Can't wait for fall to see how big & yummy they get.

And of course, Max loves fresh onion with everything!

We have lots of little pumpkins just starting out!

And some that are already turning orange!
We LOVE having a garden. We can't wait for next year when we will add even more yummy things to our patch! There is nothing better than eating fresh food. Especially when you have grown it and know that nothing has been sprayed on it or added to it. Gardens are SO worth the work you put into them! We hope everyone is enjoying some fresh picked veggies this summer!


  1. I'm not :( BUT I should would love to come over and enjoy some of yours! It looks fantastic, Leslie! Look at your green thumb. I'm green with envy-haha. Love ya

  2. Your garden is amazing! You're lucky to have all that space and the know-how to have such a productive garden. Eat your vegetables!!!