Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Vacation 2011

We spent June 25th-July3rd in Chamberlain for the Leiferman Family Vacation. Our week "on the river" was a little different than other years since everywhere is experiencing record flooding. But we still had an amazing time like always and made so many wonderful memories!
Going out to Cedar Shore for our 7th Wedding Anniversary. We are so very blessed.

The ladies at the skate park!

Who needs skate boards to have fun at the skate park??

Nail painting party

Zombie Attack

Fishing up by Big Bend Dam

Running thru the sprinkler
Xander having fun with Doris & Ryan.
Late Night Tennis
We had a blast & got some exercise!

Nothing better than cookies after the sprinkler!

Hayden LOVED bringing his super heroes into my old barbie house!

Me & Darcy. I totally L.O.V.E. this girl!

Hayden jumped inches off the ground, screaming for every firework!

Kayaking at Brakke Dam


I was SO blessed to grow up in a family that has always made time for family and put family first. I love that we all get together whenever we can and make all these memories to last a lifetime. I can't wait for our children to grow up with these crazy & wonderful people in their lives. Thank you, God for blessing us with amazing families!

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  1. I L.O.V.E you too!!!! I had such a blast with you guys! I feel blessed to have such a wonderfully crazy family, too. We may be crazy, but we sure have fun! At least we're the good kind of crazy...right? ;)