Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year!!
I am always excited to start a new year in January. It is a chance to look back on the blessings you have recieved in the last year and all the awesome memories you have made. It also gives us a chance to think about things we hope to accomplish in the next year or directions we would like our lives to take.
In 2011 we hope to think more of others and less of ourselves. Whether it is smaller things on a daily basis or really doing something big to help someone out we want to be there for others. Basically we hope to be more like Jesus by letting him live through us in a real way.
We also want to focus on being a healthier couple. Life is just better the healthier you are and we have been making healthier choices in eating and working out. It may not always be easy but it is definiltey worth it and we definitely feel happier when we are healthier.
Finally we want to continue to get rid of all of our debt. What an amazing feeling it will be to be debt free someday! And along with that goal comes the goal of saving up for IVF and/or adoption.
We hope that you all have much success with your goals this upcoming year. And we hope your year is full of many happy memories, laughter, and chances to grow closer to God!!

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  1. a great list of goals, that all seem achievable! go get um girl.