Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 Best List:
1. We got to see Bryan Adams in concert.
2. We planted grass and had a part of our lot that actually looked like a yard. It was a piece of heaven!
3. We got to spend lots of time kayaking.
4. My little brother got engaged to his soul mate. This makes us beyond happy!
5. We got to spend lots of time with both of our families.
6. We built our garage and have a warm place for our car this winter. We will never take it for granted again.
7. We brought home a stray cat who perfectly completed our furry family members. We love Albus!!
8. We spent our birthdays rocking out to some of our favorite bands.
9. We made our house into a home.
10. We got to spend Thanksgiving with some very special family in California.
11. Our business continues to grow and we couldn't be happier doing it.
12. We got to spend lots of time with friends making awesome memories.
13. We fell even deeper in love.
14. We grew closer to God and grew in our excitement to learn more about him.
Cheers to 2010 and here is wishing all of you the best year yet in 2011!!!

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