Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As I was sitting in the sun and taking in all the wonderful things about spring I began to realize something. I am SO blessed. But when you read that word "blessed" what exactly does that mean to you? If you had lived our lives from last September to now you would probably call us crazy and think that we were farther away from "blessed" than we have ever been. But in my eyes we are more blessed than we have ever been.
The more I think about it I see that being blessed is realizing all that we have and appreciating it. I think we are blessed when we can finally see the ways that God is working in our lives and what he has done for us and appreciate it. I think we are truly blessed when we realize that something bigger than us is happening and we are a part of it. I think that by changing how I think of "blessed" I can see even more how truly blessed I am.
This last year has brought Max and I closer to each other and to God than we have ever been. And the infertility has truly shown me even more how amazing the man I married is and how God truly made us so perfect for one another. Every day I love my husband more than ever and am amazed by the way he unconditionally loves me. And through God we can love each other even greater than what we could possibly imagine. I am not blessed because of the type of life I lead and things that I have. I am blessed because I recognize God's love and all that he has done for me.
I am so excited for Easter this weekend and for the spring days ahead. I realize that I have so much to be thankful for and for that I am so blessed!

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