Monday, February 15, 2016

Welcome Back

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have blogged. Truth be told, it makes me crazy to think of things I wanted to blog about and didn't get to yet; which overwhelms me and then I just keep putting it off. So lately what have we been up to? 

Mainly, finishing our basement. My man has put in SO much hard work. And it is coming together beautifully. I'm so thankful and proud. 

Secondly, my little dude has been taking ALL my time. When it wears me out or makes me a little crazy, I remember he won't want/need me literally every second of the day much longer. Which then makes me so sad, oh the crazy emotions of parenthood! He has become quite the artist lately. We have super hero drawings covering most of our house. It is fabulous. 

We are busy, thankful, and just adoring the chance to do this crazy life thing together. This year, more than ever I am feeling the draw of running head first, full speed to God and clinging to him as we love each other, love others, and love Him in whatever ways he draws us too in 2016. 

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