Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl

We love our Seahawks. And we are still feeling the pain of that loss. But we still love our boys and are proud that they made it to the Super Bowl two years in a row! (I grew up a Vikings fan so I know all about supporting a team through lots of losing seasons and disappointment.) 
Max and I moved to Newport, OR in 2004, right after we were married. And the Seahawks became "our team". It has been so fun loving a team as a couple. And now sharing that love with Liam. 
I just adore hearing him yell, "Go big blue, Go Hawks" with a little lisp at the end. :)
We had a bunch of winter weather and our usual small group party was cancelled. So those of us close enough ( and who only got 6 inches rather than a foot of snow) still got together for the game.
Liam played hard just like our Hawks.
And we had a blast, right up to the very end. Here's to next year Seahawks! We are proud to be a 12 family! 

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