Monday, February 9, 2015

Safe Families

We have been in the process of becoming a Safe Family over the last couple months and around 10:30 this morning we heard that we had officially become one. Ever since we had heard about Safe Families, God had put a calling on our hearts. One neither of us could ignore. The ache our hearts felt for children in need all the time was leading us here. We couldn't believe the statistics we were hearing on how many families were going through a crisis and needing someone to help with their children. And to just shower them with some love. And it broke our hearts to know how great the need was.
And today only hours after becoming a Safe Family we already got our first call. Since we don't live in Sioux Falls, we chose to only take children under school age (during the school year) because it wasn't feasible to get them back and forth and make everything else work. But having to turn down two school age children today was so hard. It broke my heart, even though I knew we couldn't do it. I had to trust God, that he knows what is best. And trust that he has a plan to take care of the kids we can't. But it also made me want shout from the rooftops to those feeling God tug on their hearts. Be brave! Believe me, I know how scary it is. I'm so scared for the ways God will wreck our hearts through Safe Families. But I'm also so excited for how he will change us and these children in the process. 
We can't say enough how amazing we think this organization is. This is what the church is meant to be. Families and churches taking care of those in our communities, who need us the most. Please go to to learn more! There are so many different ways to help! And if you want to pray for us, we would love and appreciate that too! 

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