Monday, September 29, 2014

I wish...

I have a stirring in my heart. A burning desire for family, friends, strangers, EVERYONE to know this beautiful peace and joy in my heart. To know that those unsettled, empty, desperate for more feelings are there for a reason. That it is your soul longing to be held by the one who brought it into being.
I get caught up in the day to day; being a wife, a mama, a business owner, a daughter, a friend...the list goes on and on. And by the end of the hour, day, week, month, year, I am exhausted. Worn out. Feeling a lack of motivation. Wondering why I feel a little lost, off balance, or just not content. And eventually it hits me, I need my Jesus. I need time with my Savior. I need to soak in the truth of his word. And when I do I am filled with a peace like no other. A peace that says, no matter what happens in this life, everything is going to be ok. That I am held and adored by the one who made the moon and stars.
And when I realize just how loved I am, it makes me want to love others with all I have. No matter how hard it is or how little they may deserve it. I want to show others this love that changes absolutely everything. And I remember my purpose. And why I am here. And I love my family better, set my priorities straight, find time each day for God. And it makes all the difference.
You, the one reading this right now. God adores you. He sent His Son to die on the cross for you. And his love is like nothing you have ever known. I pray that you would seek him. Make an effort to get to know him. Genuinely seek to know how amazing this love and peace is. It will change your life in beautiful, messy ways that you couldn't possibly imagine.

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