Thursday, May 1, 2014

Liam's New Cousin: Presley Jo

Liam's newest cousin, Presley Jo Dominiack was born exactly 1 week after his 2nd birthday.
She is just gorgeous and has TONS of beautiful hair.
She is a perfect mix of her mama & daddy.
We all fell instantly in love with little PJ. 
Also, after Presley was born Liam decided he REALLY loves babies. 
And now we have to keep him from reaching into strangers strollers, when he notices one.
Hopefully this excitement sticks around when a new baby enters our home some day. 
My sister-in-law was a rock star and was looking amazing instantly after delivery. 
And my brother was the proudest new Daddy around...
and who could blame him! Look at this doll. 

We love you so much Presley Jo. We are so incredibly thankful you are part of our family.
Love you to the moon! 

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