Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014

I spent the majority of this Easter trying to figure out how it could possibly be Liam's 3rd Easter already?! Seriously, how is that possible? Wasn't he just that beautiful newborn celebrating his 1st Easter with us? 
Easter has a little extra meaning and emotion for me since we brought Liam home. 
And before Liam, I didn't think it could possibly mean more or be more special than it already was. 

We spent the weekend before Easter celebrating early with Gabe and the Masters family. 
The boys had a blast this year. They had us re-hide the eggs multiple times so they could keep looking for them. 

We spent Easter weekend in Chamberlain with my parents. Liam had a blast with the Leiferman family being there too. 

And we got some precious Presley cuddles in too! 

Liam decided he LOVES to play with Papa Steve's minnows before he takes them fishing. 

And we got to have our first smores of the season! 

I forgot my camera when we went to Liam's Great Grandma Marge's house to celebrate with the Dominiacks. I wish I would have gotten a pic of him and his buddy Morgan. They played hard out on Grandma's deck while we were there and shared the cutest hug ever when we had to leave. What a blessing to watch my little man play with my cousin's littles. 
God is SO good.
And he gave us the gift of eternity with him through his Son Jesus on the cross.
Easter truly is the best gift EVER! 

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  1. Logan was the same way with the minnows when he went fishing! lol Happy belated Easter! xoxo